Why Touch Screen Advertising Is Way Better than Other Forms of Advertising

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Touch Screen Advertising Is Way Better …

In the world of advertising, there are many different forms. If you are looking into the competitors and why touch screen advertising is better than any other forms of advertising, you can easily figure out why touch screen advertising is better.

Newest and Most Exciting Advertising Form

Touch screen advertising is the newest and most exciting form of advertising available today. This advertising allows potential customers to actually get involved in the advertising process. There is not another form of advertising that does this today. Touch screen advertising is interactive, which allows the consumer to make a memory of the product from the action of playing with the touch screen.

Popular Technology

Touch screen technology is extremely popular today. Smart phones and tablets are very popular ways that people use touch screen technology today. Because consumers are so used to using touch screen technology, they are better prepared to get involved in touch screen advertisements.

No Competition

There is not much in the way of competitors with touch screen advertising. Touch screen advertising is placed on monitors in areas with high foot traffic, like shopping malls, airport terminals, and train stations. The other types of advertising in shopping malls include things like window displays, posters, and signs with rotating advertisements that are really just posters. In airports and train stations, the advertisements are relatively the same.

One place that touch screen advertisements could be used are in the check-in kiosks in airports, train stations, and hotels. Since many customers prefer to use kiosks, especially at airports and train stations, it would be very easy for an advertising company to use space on those touch screen monitors.

Passive Forms of Advertising

Most advertising these days is completely passive. If you think of the common types of advertising, you probably think of ads on television, billboards, and in magazines and newspapers. These forms of advertisements are very easy to skip over and not even notice. Advertising agencies are well aware of the statistics regarding advertisements and how well or how poorly they sell products. With products like DVR, consumers can completely by pass advertisements and get right to the program.

Interactive Touch Screen Advertisement

The biggest advantage of touch screen advertising is that it is interactive. Children and teens are drawn to video games or anything that is on a screen and as they grow older that habit is not likely to change. If you place a touch screen advertising monitor in a place where families and children go, the children are bound to find it and start playing. Their parents will have to walk over and see the advertisement and interact with the kiosk.

The idea of touch screen advertising is so new, many people may not even recognize it as advertising. If it can be embedded in a process that many people already have to use, they will become more comfortable with it faster than if they just have to walk up to an advertising monitor and start using it.

At this time, there are not any competitors with touch screen advertising. That is why touch screen advertising is better than any other form of advertising.

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