Touch Screen Advertising Can Help Businesses

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Meet the Informed Client

One of the ways that using touch screen advertising can help businesses is it creates a more informed client and starts your relationship with them on a more solid foundation. The old school of business relations was based upon a vertical marketing scheme. The company had all the information and sent it down to the potential client. Now, due mostly to the rise of technology and social media, business relations are built laterally.
This means that the business develops a relationship first as being a reliable source and contact for information pertaining to the potential client’s life and is not product driven. Touch screen advertising allows the customer to explore and educate themselves on your product at their own pace. This transmits a feeling of equality and makes the eventual transaction a partnership rather than a situation that is unbalanced in power as is common to the vertical style of relations.
This method also allows you to connect to future clients, because it lacks direct sales pressure and put control of the sale more in the customer’s hands, someone who does not currently need your product will remember the ease of the interaction they had with your company and be more inclined to use you when they are in actual need.

Update Information

Unlike print advertising, touch screen technology allows for information and design to be updated “on-the-fly.” Who hasn’t had the experience of paying for the design and placement of a newspaper ad, contracting for a radio spot or printing a run of brochures only to realize, one week into the promotion, that it is off skew and needs to be corrected?
Touch screen advertising helps businesses to avoid cost waste by having to throw out print promotion or to waste precious airtime with an old recording. Once one of your staff has mastered the basics of programming the kiosk or device then changing the information is easy. This has the added benefit of allowing you to change the specials and offers at will. Now you can really offer a “limited time only” deal that can help you take advantage of the social mood of your target base.
It can get even easier if you are using a company to manage your touch screen campaign. Many companies that rent the technology will also provide this service. It is similar to having a web hosting company that maintains your site. You provide them with the information that needs to be updated and they do all the background work.

Cost Benefits of Touch Screen Advertising

While it may be obvious that one of ways that touch screen advertising helps businesses is to save on advertising costs because it does not require printing, studio recording or reserving page space – there are several other cost benefits you should be aware of. Because this approach to the first contact between your company and a potential customer is driven and controlled by the customer initiative it helps to streamline the amount of time that your salespeople are going to spend in assessing a customer’s interest.
The educated client comes in and the discussion begins at a far more advanced point then if it had started cold with a salesperson and potential customer meeting on the showroom floor. Also, because a kiosk can be programmed to ask questions and collect information, the blind lead becomes a directed lead – again saving time and money in developing the sale. Touch screen advertising’s ability to collect contact data can also relieve a company of the need to carry a person to answer phones and record contact information. You will be able to use your personnel resources far more effectively when you add touch screen advertising to your marketing tool set.

What to Consider

Before you commit your company’s resources to a touch screen advertising campaign, there are a few things that you need to consider. First and foremost is whether you have the traffic to merit a touch screen. If you can’t place a touch screen where you expect to have potential client traffic then it won’t work. Secondly, you have to think about whether your product needs touch screen advertising.
If your product is a very familiar to your customers (like a paperclip or socks) then unless there is something strikingly unique about it, touch screen advertising is a kind of overkill in marketing approach. Lastly, do you have the kind of income to support a trial period of using this kind of marketing tool? If you don’t, wait until you build enough capital so the trial of the touch screen advertising can help your business, not strain it.

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